Taking Luxury Tiny Homes to New Heights

Alphaline constructs six tiny homes on the rooftop of the QT Hotel

Tiny homes represent an exciting opportunity for accommodation providers to think outside the box. That’s why the QT Hotel on the Gold Coast approached us with an idea to transform the space on the rooftop of the building into something quite creative. 

Alphaline worked with QT Hotel to custom design, engineer and fit-out six luxury tiny home models. That was step one. Step two was to crane each of the houses two floors up onto the rooftop of the hotel. This concept allows the hotel to increase their accommodation offering whilst only utilising a small (tiny!) footprint. 

The tiny homes were installed around a green common area featuring a communal fire-pit and an open kitchen. This gives guests the opportunity to enjoy an “outdoors” type of getaway - right in the heart of the Gold Coast. 

Each cabin comes with a private deck area with room for two guests. They are absolutely perfect for couples or solo getaways. The interiors are beautifully appointed, every house featuring a coffee machine, air conditioning, plenty of storage space, sensor lights on the doors and a mini fridge. 

The exteriors are designed to match the beachy look and feel of the rest of the hotel. Guests can also enjoy their own individual private pergola overlooking the Gold Coast. One of the homes has been designed to be completely wheelchair accessible. 

QT Hotel decided to contract Alphaline due to our commitment to quality and willingness to be flexible in our approach. We love to take on custom projects, so if you have a creative accommodation idea incorporating tiny homes, get in touch with our team today!

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